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The SnapSex Review Outlines Why You Should Avoid This Site

Here is another Ryan Malone hot take below.  It talks about a site called  For other Ryan Malone transcripts, click here for HiSlut.  You can also see his take on Quick Flirt but don’t forget to follow me, your curator of all things to do with dirty dating, Casual Sex Calvin.

Speaker: Okay guys, today I’m going to talk about It seems like everybody is talking about these snap kind of modules for dating because of Snapchat, and rightfully so. It’s easy to piggyback off a brand’s leverage and reach, rather than be creative and do something by yourself. Do not be confused with which has a T on the end. SnapSext with a T equals good, SnapSex without it equals bad. Just think of it like this, if you need to meet a girl and do something with her, you’re needing some T in your life, which I mean testosterone.

So the SnapSex review is what I’m talking about today. Honestly, you should avoid this site. I’m going to show you exactly why right now. I hate to be a hater but I’ve joined a lot of sites, I’ve given you guys a lot of advice on where you should sign up and where you should avoid. I wouldn’t be doing you a favor if I told you to sign up for this guys, no matter how much advertising dollars they want to pay me. Let’s just simply look at the sign-up process.

Here we are. “This is not a dating site.” Okay, whatever. So, first screen. “Before we can show you a list of women who want to send nudes and have sex right now,” which, floater risky. Hey, right now? I mean, what, are they going to fall from the sky? They want to ask me four questions. All right, so let’s just figure it out.

“Many of these women are horny college students, girlfriends and desperate wives seeding some fun. This could be your neighbor or someone you know. Do you agree to keep the identity of these women secret?” Let’s just say I say no. I want to tell my friends about it. “These women have asked us not to let in men seeking a “relationship”. No dates. Do you agree?” Yes, okay. “Are you comfortable receiving nude snaps from this device?” Yes, why not. “Are you 21 and over?” Oh, yes. “What kind of body do you like?” Skinny girls, right? Next, three answers. I’m going to go here and here.

Let’s just go with a crazy night and friends with benefits type of shit. Three answers, let’s just go nearby. Now they want an email address. Okay. So first of all, I don’t like to give out my email addresses, but let’s just make one up. Here we are, we’re in. We’re going to say we are in Fort Lauderdale which is nearby, and I agree to the terms. Save changes. Email is already associated. No, really? Someone has got Let’s just go to none1. I’m not going to give out my mobile number, but I’m going to join right there. Okay, we’re all in, right? Free dating.

“Free Lifetime Memberships are $0.00 – No Charge.” But hold on, why are they asking for my credit card if it’s no charge? I don’t get this. Adults only? I mean, there’s children that are 16 that have credit cards. I had a credit card when I was 16. So when you look at this, let me try to process it without. They want all this information from me. I’m going to say, “Remind me later,” because I don’t want to give that out, I don’t know anything about this. Now they’re asking me if I’m nuts.

Fee Lifetime Access, but they still want my credit card. I just don’t like that. Let’s look at the fine print right here. “Includes a free 2 day trial promo to EasySnapSex-GOLD renewing at $49.95/monthly, unless cancelled. Your free lifetime access remains active if you cancel.” So, yes, you get access but they’re going to snap you in two days, no pun intended, for $49.95 and that’s hitting you every single month.

Now, you get mobile access, a featured profile for seven days, right? A 10-day free trial, and that also renews the same calendar date at $49.95 monthly. If you forget, after two days, to cancel this, you get banked $49.95. If you forget after 10 days, it looks like they’re hitting you for another 10-day trial which is going to be another $49.87. I love how they use these cute numbers. What are we trying to do here? Well, what I’m going to do is be the sneaky one here that takes this box that’s clearly shaded in a different color so we don’t see it, and click, “No thanks.”

Now, they want me to verify the email address. Yes, no problem, okay, I can do that if I really wanted to. But seriously, are we trusting these guys right now? I mean, this is the most difficult thing ever to get going and I’ve already been tried to get scammed and up-sold a couple of times. I just don’t like this, you guys. This to me is bullshit. What I’m going to do is go to my site and show you exactly what I found out. That way you don’t have to read the review if you really don’t want to.

Let’s just start into this. It’s a huge gimmick and I tell you everything about it on this content right here. It’s a huge scam and there’s fake profiles are being used. You don’t even need to question them any further because it’s all right there for the taking. When I was doing my research on this, before I even got close to that sign-up phase which I’ve done before you guys, I’m just showing this in a video review. The warning sign out there was I saw that you enter your username, password, age and email and then you get registered for free and look at the fine print and you see the words love stars.

When you click on that you get the full definition. They basically admit in their terms and conditions that the models are fictitious or they’re bots. The love stars work for the site in an effort to stimulate dialogue. They’ll send you fake messages to make you think that they are real women. It’s not for entertainment like they claim. It’s an excuse to fill the site with fake profiles they’re trying to turn into paying customers. I mean, crazy, right? You want to get laid, you want to do something, right? Read my review. That one works, you can read my review, did an incredible job there.

Now they’ve also got a site, these guys here, the EasySnapSex ones, that’s called Discreet Anal Affairs. I guess if you ever had that fetish to join that one. They’re sending you somewhere else, and that’s $49.95. Just look at all these stuff they’re trying to sell you, it’s all highlighted right here, I wrote it all down for you. I don’t know why I need to continue. You’ve probably heard enough, right? There’s no way that you should join this. I run by SnapSext, that’s what I use among other sites,, Instabang, Fuckbook, which is now instant hookups, great, great sites.

There’s no way that you should use this site. I mean, do you really want to play with a site like that tries to bang you out with every turn of the corner? No, you want something that’s legit, where you got customer service behind it. SnapSext, I can vouch for. I urge you to read this review and check it out. If you look below the video, I will have some links to this and you can check it out yourself and you can also look at their exact websites and hopefully join up and start doing the things I do.

I invite you to read the site I highlight everything from good, bad and ugly, and also talk about just dating stuff in general. It’s a pretty fun site, I put it together for your enjoyment, the reviews are real, based on experience. Log on and check it out, all right?


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