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What is a Transvestic Disorder?

There are times when I’ve been the sketchy areas of Costa Rica and seen the cross-dressing San Jose prostitutes that linger on the street corners looking for drunk or deviant tourists to either sleep with or rob, and I think to myself – how did they ever get to this point in life?  Today I decided to take a deep look at cross dressing, and actually found out that cross dressing can be a case of transvestic disorder.

Transvestic Disorder Symptoms

The act of dressing in clothing of the opposite gender has to occur over a length of time six months or longer and also cause major distress to the person’s functions, both social and occupational.  What happens when someone suffers from this is that they get urges of the sexual nature, and fantasies come up and provoke them.

It’s not a “must” but this can happen due to a certain fetish, which I went into further on this page:  15 common sexual fetishes that may shock you.

Upon doing research on this topic, I found out that some people believe that transvestic fetishism should be taken off the International Classification of Diseases (ICD.)

What is a Cross Dresser?

This is the most appropriate, and politically correct way to say “transvestite.”  You won’t find many cross dressing females, although you will in males who dress like females.  Then straight men who end up dressing up like women start to develop a pattern of this behavior late in their childhood.  It’s said that up to 3% of men that participate in cross dressing have felt a sexual stimulation on at least on occasion.  However, most men who cross dress don’t do it on more than one occasion.  The act of cross dressing is tied to extreme sexual feelings and arousal that is attributed to the clothing by the way of being a fetish the individual maintains.

cross dressers
Source: Cross Dressers in Chicago Facebook Group.

Cross dressers who have a willing partner who participates with them can have sexual relations in female clothing.  However, if their partner isn’t into it, they may fall into a deep, dark depression or even feel guilty about not fulfilling the sexual fantasies of their partner.  When this happens, it’s also said that the neglected male then gets rid of all the female clothing they own, and then go on a deep dive into the accumulation of other feminine items such as wigs, makeup, and other stuff.

When their partner is cooperative or willing to participate, cross-dressing men may engage in sexual activity in partial or full feminine attire. When their partner is not cooperative, they may feel anxiety, depression, guilt, and shame because of their desire to cross-dress and may experience sexual dysfunction in their relationship. In response to these feelings, these men often purge their wardrobe of female clothing. This purging may be followed by additional cycles of accumulating female clothes, wigs, and makeup, with more feelings of shame and guilt, followed by purges.

Transvestic Disorder Treatment

The only way to treat this is through social support groups and psychotherapy.  However, most people don’t want any treatment and choose to live their life on their own terms. Drugs are not used to help people with this disorder.

Well, there you have it, some info on a topic that I feel is very dark and aloof.  I, for one, am a sick bastard, but I don’t dress up in women’s clothing for any reason.  Okay, I did on one Halloween when I went as Madonna, but that’s it.  Never again.

Oscar De La Hoya Cross Dressing

Just because I spent all this time writing this otherwise uninteresting (to me at least) entry, here’s a pic of Oscar De La Hoya in women’s fishnet!

oscar de la hoya cross dressing



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