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Victoria Milan Cheating App Review

Is this the dating site that will finally help you find the perfect match? Keep reading to discover more about things like:

  • The platform is designed for married couples and cheating partners
  • The registration is quick, straightforward, and easy to implement
  • The tool AnonymousBlur allows users to post discrete photos
  • The Panic Button allows users to exit quickly
  • The featured users is not based on compatibility, but popularity

Victoria Milan Reviews 2020

Digisec Media Limited is the parent company of exciting dating apps including RichMeetBeautiful and Victoria Milan, considered the #1 cheating app for married people and people who’ve committed to a partner.

In fact, their big claim to fame is they provide dating experiences that are 100% anonymous, safe, and secure for married people and people looking to spice up their love life even if they’re in committed relationships.

Anxiety should never be an issue on this app. Why? Your face is always concealed when you use their exciting tool called AnonymousBlur, which seems fairly self-explanatory. Discretion is their number one priority when cheating partners are looking to match up with people in locations and countries all around the world.

When using cheating apps do you worry about getting caught? This is never a problem on Victoria Milan. In fact, they built in their own Panic Button. You can quickly exit the website if you think someone is walking up behind you or watching what you’re doing. It jumps to another website that is not suspicious at all.

For safety and security purposes, this app and website uses 256 bit encryption to keep your data safe. The system also uses SSL Trust, Norton by Symantec, and Amazon Web services. With this system in place, you’ll never have to worry about the name Victoria Milan appearing on a credit card or bank statement.

With over 6 million members across the world, you can connect with people that are in committed relationships, married, or single and looking to mingle. For those looking to learn more about the site, please continue to read as we share information about the membership, the exciting features, and much more.

Signing Up to Victoria Milan

The critical things to know about the sign up process include:

  • Free registration
  • Email verification
  • Find matches in your desired country
  • Simple interface for basic profile set up
  • Hide your face using their tool AnonymousBlur

When creating an account on this site, expect to only spend about 3 to 5 minutes to get started. All they want is a valid email address, which will remain private and needs to be verified. Afterward, you’ll create a screen name and pick your country for local matches.

During the profile creation process, you’ll share information about things that turn you on, things that interest you while dating, and other specifics tags. This is designed to help the app find the top matches from a larger pool of potential dating candidates.

As far as photos go, you’ll usually become a great candidate if your photos are appealing. So when you take photos for the app, make sure they are authentic and attractive. And if you’d like to remain anonymous, they have you covered with the AnonymousBlur tool.

Once you’ve finished creating your profile, you can begin using the website.

Profile Information for Victoria Milan

Take the following into consideration regarding your Victoria Milan profile:

  • They base potential dating matches on your country and local area
  • They share the registration date and last login date of other members
  • They want you to fill out your profile completely to get a popularity boost
  • They say that profile photos remain anonymous with AnonymousBlur
  • They encourage you to update your profile as often as you’d like

At Victoria Milan, they make it a point to allow their users to hide their profile and identity completely with a tool that blurs out your profile photo. So if you come across profiles with blurred pictures, this is the reason why.

At other times, you could come across a profile where the information is concealed from the reader. This is to protect Victoria Milan members to make sure their names and identities remain confidential until they’re willing to reveal themselves.

Dating location is one detail that is always made public. Plus, you’re allowed to pick the country where you’d like to find matches. If you live in the United States, as an example, you’d obviously want to choose US matches unless you plan on being outside the country. This gives you the ability to meet up with and have sexual encounters with potential short-term partners in your community.

Member profiles are detailed, so you’ll need to create a detailed profile when joining this site. In fact, you’ll find better matches when sharing information about your turn-ons, your sex drive, your best features, your love nest, and more. So do not avoid sharing this vital information.

In fact, to enhance your profile we recommend using the following tips:

  • Specifics – many users will scan your profile, so the more specific you are about preferences, the better chance you’ll have at making new connections.
  • Positivity – people are looking for hookup partners with positive vibes. You’ll be more likable if your vibes are positive.
  • Fill in the blanks – people want to be able to view a complete profile. It’s easy to fill in all of the blank areas using the tags feature provided by Victoria Milan. Plus, if you fill out your profile completely, Victoria Milan promises to boost your popularity, which is important for finding potential dates.
  • Honesty – try not to go too overboard when filling out your profile. Sure, you want your profile complete but try not to get carried away with it. You could potentially turn people off if they think your profile is dishonest or untrue. Misleading potential dates is a major faux pas on the site.
  • Romance – use romantic words and phrases that show you’re passionate on this dating website. The more passionate and succinct you are at expressing your love through words, the more connections you’ll make and the more hearts you’ll steal.

Always keep your profile updated at all times. It’s the best way to guarantee you’ll make amazing connections with other romance hungry users.

Contacting Members on Victoria Milan

If you’re interested in contacting other members, keep the following in mind:

  • Viewing messages and sending them is exclusive to premium members
  • It’s free to give winks and add members to your favorites
  • View exclusive photos using private keys
  • Use your available credits to send virtual gifts
  • Change countries whenever you want if you plan to travel or be in another location

Although membership is free, you won’t be able to contact other members on Victoria Milan unless you are a premium subscriber. Your basic membership allows you to add favorites, give winks, and visit other profiles. Even though other members have the ability to send winks to you and add you to their favorites, you won’t know who these members are with a free membership.

With the completed profile, you can request other members share information about themselves if they left it blank on their profile. Just click the ask button next to the item that you’d love to learn about. You’ll be notified as soon as the member answers your question.

It’s free to view profiles from each country at any time. You’ll be able to look at different featured users depending on the country you’ve designated. To become a featured member, your profile must remain complete and updated. You also need to have a photos posted regularly.

Detailed information about Victoria Milan’s features includes:

  • Messages – unfortunately for free users, messages is a premium feature. You can read or send messages to other members as a premium subscriber. They sort messages into three folders including messages from members that are currently online, unread messages, and all messages.
  • Chatting – there is a chat box that is located on the website’s right panel. Feel free to chat with other members using this feature and get creative. You can send them nice messages naughty messages, or anything in between. You can even send gifts, give winks, and add favorites too.
  • Gifts – speaking of gifts, on Victoria Milan you can give other users virtual gifts to spice up your secret dating life. This is a premium feature that allows you to send and receive gifts as long as credits are available with your subscription. If your subscription is for six months, you’ll have 500 credits. And 12 month subscriptions are supplied with 1000 credits.
  • Winks – if you find a user interesting, feel free to send them a wink. This will get their attention and let them know that you’ve been looking at their profile. It might even help them initiate conversation with you. So wink and don’t be shy if you’re trying to grab somebody’s attention and interest.
  • Private keys – this is another exciting feature from Victoria Milan that is available to premium subscribers. Using private keys lets you view private photos posted by other members. Plus, it allows you to see every request you sent and every request sent to you. Having private photos even draws more attention to you because members will want to look at these exclusive pictures.

Victoria Milan Special Features

For the most part, the special features on this app and website aren’t available to free members. You must have a premium membership to take advantage of these special options. But a free membership does have some privileges, and the most important being the ability to hide your identity using the blurring tool.

And speaking of special features…

  • AnonymousBlur Tool – this is an exciting tool because it helps users conceal their identity on the site after uploading photos. Some members are here because they are cheating on their spouses or significant others and would like to remain private. The blur tool will either put a sticker on your face or blur it out entirely.
  • Panic Button – this is another excellent option on this dating site. You do not want to get caught by your partner while viewing the site looking for secret connections. So if it seems like you’re about to get caught, you can get out of trouble by pressing the Panic Button really fast. This button is on the lower right-hand side of the website, and once clicked, it will redirect you to a safe website like YouTube or another popular social media site.
  • Featured Users – the cool thing about featured users is a connection to other members that are located everywhere in the world. While it’s important to match with members near you, you may want to have romantic trysts with other members in other parts of the world. You can switch from each country to look at sexy men and women in other locations. You can even get featured as a popular match for them too.
  • Gifts – you can now give other members virtual gifts during this intimate and secret hookup experience. With this feature, you can send or receive gifts, but you’ll need to use credit to purchase these gifts. They make it very easy to get credit, and depending on your membership you’ll either have 500 credits or 1000 credits available when signing up.
  • Search – this is a feature that only works for the members located nearest to you. This is a fast way to find somebody looking for a great hookup experience right in your own backyard.
  • Visits – if you ever wanted to know how many people were visiting your profile, you’ll be able to learn this information in this area. It tells you how many visits a profile has and you can even comment and wink here as well.

The Victoria Milan App

Information regarding the app is as follows:

  • Easy registration
  • Available quick tab
  • No video chat on the app
  • No Panic Button on the app
  • Address concerns using the callout box
  • Website and app user interface is similar
  • Participate in group chats
  • Use the People Nearby feature, which is a unique feature for the app
  • Available in Google Play and Apple App stores

To get your hands on this app, just visit the Google Play store or the Apple App store to get started. Other app stores carry this app as well, in case you plan on getting it somewhere else.

They even have a mobile version of the website if you do not feel like downloading the app. And it has similar features including quick tabs, favorite members, and other great options.

It’s simple to use Victoria Milan’s mobile and website versions. This site provides a consistent interface no matter what platform you happen to use it on. So if you switch devices, you’ll have no trouble using it on Android, iOS, or PC.

On the website, you’ll have access to numerous features. At times, the site is so busy that it’s difficult to load, but the app usually works quicker. Plus, it’s easy to view images and profile information of the people you’re interested in because they store this in neat rows.

A final warning: there is no Panic Button on the app. Have an exit strategy in place if you’re afraid someone will catch you on your phone.

Victoria Milan Prices

  • A three month subscription costs $49.99 per month, or $149.97 per three months.
  • A six-month subscription costs $39.99 per month, or $239.94 per six months.
  • A 12 month subscription costs $29.99 per month, or $359.88 per 12 months.

Free Services with Victoria Milan

  • Free profiles
  • Free to send winks
  • Free to search for local users
  • Free to add favorites
  • Free to know how many people and who has visited your profile
  • Free to view profile pics of users

Victoria Milan Premium Services

  • See who sent you gifts
  • Send gifts
  • Use your credits
  • View all notifications
  • Read and send messages
  • Discover who added you to their favorites

It’s easy to pay for this service. Just provide your credit card or debit card and they will take the funds with your permission.

Secret Dating Has Never Been Better

Secret dating on Victoria Milan is an exciting experience. Unfortunately, it’s also somewhat of an expensive experience. But upgrading to premium definitely has its perks like special keys, sending and receiving gifts, and much more.

Plus, after becoming a premium member you can begin messaging, winking at, and favoriting other members. This is how you’re going to hook up with somebody in the real world. Without these features, you’ll only be able to view profiles and nothing more. How are you going to connect with another member without these options? It’s nearly impossible.

Premium members receive credits that they can use to send gifts. This will make other members feel good and you’ll score major points with them. This will definitely help you hook up a lot easier.

Every three months, your Victoria Milan subscription will automatically renew. So be prepared because they will auto debit your account whether you have a three month subscription, a six-month subscription or a 12 month subscription.

Finally, Victoria Milan uses 256 bit encryption to keep your information safe and secure. Even more important, you can expect the following.

  • Victoria Milan will not show up on a billing statement
  • They frequently change their name to keep things anonymous
  • 100% encrypted and confidential credit card info
  • Staff at the website do not have access to payment info or personal data

Summary of VictoriaMilan

Of all the online dating sites, Victoria Milan is incredibly discreet. They have married and attached clientele that they know they have to protect. These people are here because they’d like to have an affair and Victoria Milan wants them to have the affair they’ve always desired. So your identity and personal information is always safe and secure on the site.

Are you trying to refuel your former sex drive? This is an excellent site if this is the case. You have very little to worry about because they keep everything confidential and hidden on the site.

Are you attached? Or maybe even married? You may want to spice up your love life with a sexual encounter. Victoria Milan is the perfect site to use to connect with someone outside of your marriage or existing relationship.

Victoria Milan FAQ

Important Facts

Victoria Milan: What Is It?

It’s a dating app and website specifically designed for people looking for affairs. So if you’re attached or married looking to have an extramarital affair, hook up anonymously, or experience casual dating, this is your site.

Do they have an app?

Yes, there is an app available to download in the Apple App store, Google Play store, and APK Pure.

Do they offer blog posts on their website?

Yes, they do have a section filled with articles that you can read.

App & Website Usability

How does the website and app work?

Simply put, when joining Victoria Milan you can look for other partners attempting to have an extramarital affair or find a hook up. The site uses the information you input to match you with others looking for a similar experience. It does this without revealing your identity to other users. You can hide your face and profile on their website.

Do they use tools to keep you anonymous?

Yes, the website uses tools that make it possible to hide your identity and your face.

Is it free to use Victoria Milan?

It’s free to use this website. But to use a wide majority of the best features, you’ll need to become a premium member.

I can’t see my photos. Why is that?

Photos are hidden for your own protection. You can review your photos before uploading them, but then they are blurred out. Also keep in mind that celebrity photos, group photos, drawings, landscapes, obscene photos, and more violate their terms of service.

Can I change the language on the website?

Yes you can. To change the language, click the icon with the flag on the bottom of the site. Choose the flag of the country whose language you’d like to use.

Is there a free trial of the premium version of Victoria Milan?

You can set up a basic account for free and register for free. But they do not offer a free trial for premium subscriptions.

Account Information

Is it possible to delete my account? How about deactivating my account?

No you cannot delete your account. Victoria Milan has to do it for you.

But you can deactivate it. On the right side at the bottom of the website there is a settings feature. Click it and scroll to the bottom. There, you’ll see an option called Deactivate Profile. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I cancel my Victoria Milan subscription?

It’s possible to end your subscription at any time if you’re a premium member. They will not ask the reason why, but require you to send a written termination notice. If you’re in the initial setup process, you’ll have to pay the entire fee during the period of initial sign up.

Send your notice of termination by visiting the Contact Us form on the website.

Please be informed that terminating your account doesn’t mean your profile will be deleted. After closing out your premium account, other members will not be able to see your profile, but the company keeps it stored in their database. You’ll have to contact Victoria Milan via email to get them to completely delete your entire profile.

Website Security

How do I verify my Victoria Milan account?

It’s easy to verify your account. You can do so via email, Google +, Facebook, Windows Live, or your mobile phone number.

Is it safe to use Victoria Milan?

At this stage of the game, you should know that Victoria Milan is incredibly safe if you made it this far. They use Amazon Web services, SSL Trust, Security from Norton, and 256 bit encryption. All of this is available to keep your profile and pictures completely anonymous.

Is Victoria Milan the real deal?

They promise their customers that the people on their site and all of the accounts are real. A few phony profiles likely sneak in every now and then, but the website is mostly populated with legitimate people.


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