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WellHello Was a Flat Out Scam

​It didn’t take long for me to find a lot of shady stuff going on at, which brands itself as a place where like minded adults and swingers can meet for sexual hook ups.  Like most sites out there that run their business the wrong way, they care about one thing – getting your credit card on file so they can bill you to their hearts content.

WellHello homepage

The Disappointing Well Hello Experience

The first thing worth pointing out is that their only membership models is a premium model.  To me, this isn’t normal in the adult dating membership sites because just about all of them give you a free registration where you can browse member profiles, albeit without all of the features that a paid membership would offer you.

Second, they have a very bizarre statement that also sticks out like a sore thumb:

YOU ASSUME ALL RISK WHEN USING THE SITE AND/OR THEIR SERVICES, including but not limited to all risks associated with any online or offline interactions with others.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE ALL NECESSARY PRECAUTIONS WHEN MEETING OR INTERACTING WITH OTHER USERS.  You specifically acknowledge that we do not pre-screen or perform criminal background checks on our Users, nor do we verify that the information they provide to you, if any, is consistent with the information they provide to us

Again, other sites do have their disclaimers, but to me, this just wreaks of not caring about member experience.  Like, say for example you spend your hard earned money and meet someone who ends up drugging you and raping you, or worse.  This statement they make flat out says that they won’t help you should an investigation open up.  Maybe I’m being too hard on this policy, but I have seen other adult app reviews state that they thought this was off as well, and us watchdog type of sites normally find a lot of different things we disagree on, but in this case, there is a lot of agreement that people should avoid WellHello dating site for a lot of the same reasons.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Another eery thing they talk about is how they can modify your data without your permission.

To me, this is the most absolute bullshit Well hello scam they have pulled!

What I get from their message is that they OWN the information you enter into their site.  Think about it, you put up a profile pic and they can use and modify this?  Who out there would ever agree to such a thing!  Imagine you have a modified photo of yourself in a sexy pose that shows up on a billboard or internet banner ad?  If they own your data, I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like that!

”You agree that Smoochy Brands has the right (but not the obligation) to access, re-arrange, modify and remove or restrict access to any Site Content, including Your Content, in its sole discretion and without notice or compensation to you. “

That’s the wording I’m referring to.  Am I going overboard here with my thoughts on this?  I am really careful with my data and who I give it to, and there are plenty of reputable hook up apps that won’t do that type of stuff, so I prefer to stick with them.

The Biggest Wellhello Scam

If that isn’t enough to keep you far, far away from this site, here is the one that, to me, killed the Well Hello review before I even had time to get into looking at how to sign-up!


So, I sign up, join the site, start using it, and they can hit me up at any time to ask me for more money?  What kind of shit is that?  Nobody likes to agree to something in writing only to receive an email 30 days later talking about how the billing is going to change.  I’m a guy who grew up on someone’s word is someone’s word, and business should be done on a hand shake.  This part, to me, is the slimiest thing I’ve seen in a dark, dark world.  Shame on you, Smoochy Brands.  That’s just shady.

Further, if you do your own due diligence and see some of the Well Hello reviews posted by other bloggers, serial daters, and well, casual sex seekers like me, you won’t find a lot of good stuff being said about  They lack positive reviews, and for a site that boasts so much, that’s really incredibly disappointing.

WellHello Contact Us

Other Disappointments

You’ll also find the following on this site, and again, this isn’t just me saying this, there are a number of people saying similar thoughts.

  • Fake profiles and even the use of “love hostesses”
  • Computer software sending automated messages from fake profiles
  • Accusations of employee ran accounts

If you are brave enough to give your credit card to these people, you can get a 24 hour trial for $1.00.  After all I told you in this Well Hello review, do you think I did that?

Hell, to the NO.  

But, if that’s your mission, you can do that.  And you can also get an annual premium membership for $9.99 monthly and a membership on a month to month basis for $29.99.

Welp, that’s my take on WellHello’s dating site.  I hope that I can save a few people from making some big mistakes here. If you want a real adult themed app, try reading this review.

I’d love to hear your experiences, good, or bad!

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