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What is the Price of Prostitution?

Prostitution is one of the oldest businesses in the world.  It’s been around seemingly forever, and the profession is looked at from “absolutely heinous and against religion” to “legal and encouraged,” depending where you look.  Today I’ll go into an expose on the price of prostitution as it’s a topic of great interest to many men, including sex tourists.

Disclaimer:  in no way am I promoting or condoning prostitution.  This is an informational article only.  Please adhere to your local laws regarding the legality of said business.  In face, I wrote an article about why you should NOT hire escorts a long time ago. This one is just for information.

With the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get into it, shall we?

Prostitution Prices Across the USA and World

I’ve covered quite a bit of this in past blog posts, especially from the sex tourists perspective.  I urge you to read my post on sex in Costa Rica as it’s a personal account of what goes down in the land of PURA VIDA.  Although, things have changed greatly since the demise of the Hotel Del Rey.  The Del Rey was THE hot spot in San Jose, Costa Rica, and it should have it’s own NetFlix series by now.  Sex, drugs, gambling, death, and much, much more, went down at the Rey.

escort prices

What Does Prostitution Cost in Costa Rica?

Prostitutes found in places where foreigners hang out generally ask for $100 – $150 per hour.  However they will accept much less in most cases.  Local establishments that cater to Costa Ricans can be from $12 – $40.  

What is the Cost of an Escort in the USA?

Escorts found on escort agencies and Internet websites usually ask for $250 – $1,000.  

Like everything else, prices will vary greatly depending on the market, time of year, and age, looks, and financial needs of the escort.  I did an article on the website Private Delights where I saw prices quoting $8,000 for 24 hours of companionship, and I have read that prices are similar on websites like P411.

I’ll also add that all of these sites like back page will have numbers that will vary greatly.  We all know that a crack whore will probably accept much less than a perfectly shaped Russian super model type.

Nevada Prostitution Prices

The average cost to get into a brother in Nevada and partake is $150, however the average transaction is around $900.  

The source on this one was CNBC, and in the story it talked about the demise of prostitution in Nevada, citing less disposable income and the Internet.  The latter, as I can attest with proven traffic numbers on my website for many years, is the BOOM of websites on the Internet promoting sex.  You can find sex in so many ways online.  Starting with classified ads sneakily written as prostitution advertisements in local newspapers, all the way to advertisements of asian massage hubs, you’ll find it all.

Personally, I’m all about the dating sites where adults migrate with one mission in mind:  to find sexual partners.  I’m not looking for a farm house wedding with 400 people and a white picket fence. I want to meet up for drinks somewhere discreet, see if we are a match, and get down and dirty.

Of course, my top place to find those types of meet ups is  Read my review, sign up, and thank me later.

Miami Prostitution Prices

Miami has a wide range of prostitutes, ranging from street hookers, Latina and Asian Spa’s, all the way to high end escort agencies.  You can expect to pay $50 on the lowest end and over $2,000 on the top end.  

Miami escorts

South Florida in general is very in your face about prostitution.  Outside of Nevada, there aren’t many places that have the sheer amount of places you can find sex like Miami and even Fort Lauderdale.  You’ll find Latin Style “Love Motels” on Calle Ocho and in Hialeah, where you can bring cheap hookers for hourly affairs.  Some are young, and some are about that Cougar Life.  You can see many retail establishments advertising “body rubs,” and these often lead to sexual activity.  I read about these in the paper all the time.  Ever since Robert Kraft was busted at Orchids of Asia Spa, these places don’t last long.  Many times, they are fronts for human trafficking and the women are often living in the store – sometimes, even against their will.

Look, I’m all for consensual sex where money exchanges, but human trafficking is NEVER something I’ll cater to.  For this reason, I stat with my adult dating apps and stay far away from escorts in the USA.  Note, I did say USA, and when away, this cat will play.



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