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Why Swiping for Dates is My Jam

Many of you who are out there looking for casual encounters undoubtedly used a swipe app.  If you have been living on the moon the last five years, or maybe just have been in a steady relationship where you have been loyal (kudos if you have), I”ll talk about what swipe apps are and how they have changed the way I date – forever.

What are Swipe Apps?

A swipe app is an application you download to your smart phone that allows you to sift through and choose people you’d like to meet, date, and let’s be honest, have sex with.  You do so by briefly looking at a photo, or series of photos, of the person, and then choosing to swipe right if you like them, or left if you don’t like them.

Easy enough, right?

Swipe Apps

Why Swipe Apps are so Bad Ass

The thing I like about these apps is that once you land on someone you like, assuming they swipe right as well, you instantly can go back and forth with them on the app by sending private messages to one another.  This alleviates the whole “what’s your phone number” game we often play, which if the person is a psycho, will never end well.

While these apps have been called “the death of romance,” I like to think of it as catering to a quick to please society.  You know within three seconds if you are into someone – or not.  With an application that allows you to sift through several photos and read a short bio, it’s the web’s version of speed dating.

Finding a match has become a numbers game in recent years.  If you were to play the numbers game in bars, on singles cruises, or at your local yoga studio, you’d be out several thousand dollars, and perhaps a lot of time, just sifting through all the people you WON’T connect with, before POTENTIALLY finding a match.

So while some people will naturally call out my attention deficit, lack of energy to hunker down at a bar for hours and spit game, or shallowness to judge a woman by a picture, I call it the current state of dating. Not a day goes by when I don’t filter through over 300 women that I could potentially meet and hook up with – TONIGHT.

Most of the swipe apps like Tinder and Bumble aren’t as sexually charged as my favorite apps for hook-ups, but I’ve had plenty of one night stands using them.  Okay, let’s be real, I’ve had plenty fo flings using these apps as well.

How have you all made out on Swipe apps, and what are your thoughts on the future of online dating?


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